New Year, New Game… 2011 sum-up

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Hey everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because my heart just hasn’t been into any games I’ve played plus Christmas is always a busy time for me.

I dabbled in EQ2 again, it was good to go back for Frostfell and have some silly fun, do a little decorating. However I can’t play it anymore, I’ve tried a couple of times now to get back into the game and it’s not working, lasts less than a month and I’m bored again –  I was interested in playing the new Beastlord class, but it was very expensive game expansion for not that much, new class and another 25 AA points for maxed out characters. I was considering buying the game, but thought I’d wait and see how the reviews went first, some guildies reported that it was a fun class, that could solo completely by itself – even things it shouldn’t be able to solo – stupidly over powered. So I would’ve had a character going through the same old content that wouldn’t only be boring due to doing the content so many times over already but also boring because it would be no challenge whatsoever… I’m glad I didn’t bother to buy it.

I even dabbled in World of warcarft for a month – yes that’s how desperate I was for something to play that entertained me, It was interesting to a point, I haven’t played it since the cataclysm update so once out of newb territory there was a lot of new and different questlines, getting to ride a dragon from the Emerald dream and fight around a huge cyclone, and similar when taking over a giant tree ent and rampaging a Troll village – all good fun. But as per usual nothing to keep me playing for longer than a month – and the community is dire. Myself and Toeol rolled characters on a normal server and re-rolled them onto a rp server before we’d hit level 4!

There’s always Lord of the Rings Online, but it’s not an easy game to play – the game is beautiful and I’ll always enjoy going through the epic storyline and meeting characters from the book – even fighting alongside them sometimes. But life has spoiled me – I’ve got used to be part of a duo, experiencing it all with Toeol, in EQ2 and WoW we had classes at the same level going through new content together (sometimes old in EQ2 but being the same level we had the same gain from it) In Lotro it just wasn’t going well, when I started to play Toeol had already played all the content and maxed out his character, and I was level 20, so we played together – but with no mentoring system it was very hard, everything became trivial for me – I basically became a glorified loot picker-upper following in his wake and everything was dull and boring to Toeol because it’d been done before and was no challenge to him now. It was the main reason when Destiny of Velious came along we stopped playing LotRO so much, we still dabbled and came back for seasonal events and to catch up with the kinship butwe’d found something we could play together that was new and a challenge to us both.

Unfortunately it was short lived, we were both bored of EQ2 and found ourselves killing time with mini games and going back to the console games. Until that is Toeol got invited to the closed beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic, it captured us both, it combines some of the best things from my favourite console games, cut scenes and voice acting for every quest, options in every conversation that not only have different personality types in your responses (so either a goody goody reply or you can be a complete smart arse) but your responses effect your light and dark side, which effect what special gear you can buy etc, so it’s very varied for each character. You also get your own space ship which has your own crew who you acquire through questing and leveling one at a time, some are bloody annoying some are really very cute – I love my little droid, he’s like R2-D2. Not only can you send the crew out for crafting – making and material gathering, but you can summon them to fight alongside you which comes in handy – mainly in the heroic dungeons.

I will be blogging more on SW:ToR this year, I can’t see me dropping the game any time soon. Before I do though, I have a few things to post about EQ2 before I completely say goodbye to the game, a few achievement’s, decorating projects that I managed to get finished.

So more to follow soon :)


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